Pessimism loves company. Optimism makes companies.

While working at KPCB in Silicon Valley, I became a huge fan of startups. I was lucky to have the opportunity to advise executive teams at over a hundred startups at all stages of development on how to best leverage design. At the same time, I was also lucky to get to advise CEO John Donahoe on how to advance design at the “macro” level across all of eBay Inc., as has been recently summarized in this Stanford GSB case study.

As I’ve taken my startup ad-venture to heart, I’ve personally partnered with the many founders and co-founders listed here. They seek to transform how we work, rest, live, and play, by design.

ยป Designed by women for comfort, and style.
ยป Community curating
ยป Be aware of what you breathe
ยป Make bosses into great ones.
ยป Skincare inspired by Geisha rituals.
ยป STEAM learning for everyone.
ยป Health and beauty care for people of color.
ยป Robotic assistive bicycle wheel.
ยป Jewelry that doubles as sex toys.
ยป Email for people and teams.