Space Diagrams (1995)

I was curious upon learning about the word “propriocentric” with regards to the human body, and then wondered how that concept might apply to two-dimensional shapes and how they would “comprehend” themselves on a plane. So I mapped out a variety of shapes (you can see them displayed faintly) in relation to their relative distances from a centerpoint, and then proceeded to shade them proportional to the distance to the edge of the shape.

At the time, it was impossible to look at images like this in high-resolution, so they were offset-printed at A1-scale in a costly process. The implicit shape (i.e. oval, rectangle, cross, diamond, parallelogram, and ‘X’) was added to each print with a transparent layer of ink.

These lithographs were made in editions of six, and a few of them are out there somewhere. I let them go, randomly, now over ten years ago.