While working in venture capital at Kleiner Perkins in Silicon Valley, I became a fan of startups and launched the #DesignInTech Report to share emerging insights at the crossroads of tech, design, and business. I started out as an engineer, then moved to art / design, then to scientific research / leading, and then into business / tech / investing. Now I’m deep in product / technology with a trail of books that trace my unlikely journey:

— How To Speak Machine (2020)
— Redesigning Leadership (2011)
— Laws of Simplicity (2006)
— Creative Code (2004)
— MAEDA@MEDIA (2001)
— Design By Numbers (1999)

My original website is still up.


Art is about the enigma.

Book cover image for How To Speak Machine — NEW in 2019

Pessimism loves company. Optimism makes companies.

Book cover image for Laws of Simplicity available as an audio book.

Too much confidence and too little confidence are no bueno.

Book cover image for Redesigning Leadership available as an audio book.

Don't fail fast. Recover fast.

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Art is about questions. Design is about problems.

Blue tangram that's at a 11-degree angle.