▢ 2017
7 January 2017

I’m remaking this website, and in the process I’m learning all sorts of things about WordPress: good things and bad things. Certainly a lot has changed since 2004 when I was using the earliest versions of WordPress way way way back when computers were still just for nerds. Now they’re for everyone — so standards for design in tech are way way way high now. It’s an exciting time right now because WordPress is on a trajectory to change by design in 2017+.

My original website is still here. The quick summary of my old website is that I shifted from tech to art/design, and then to research/leading/operating, and then into business/tech/investing.

While working at KPCB in Silicon Valley, I became a fan of 💙 startups and launched the #DesignInTech Report (cumulative views > 1MM) to share emerging insights about design, investing, tech, and business. Right now I look to advance thinking around diversity and inclusion in relation to the technology industry via design and inclusion.