7 January 2017

I’ve started to consolidate my efforts on Design.Co with side-blogging on maeda.pm and remotedesignteam.com. The Laws of Simplicity site has a new refresh, but I am likely to migrate it over to Design.Co.

In my earlier years at MIT, I wrote a few books on design, tech, and business:

— Redesigning Leadership (2011)
— Laws of Simplicity (2006)
— Creative Code (2004)
— MAEDA@MEDIA (2001)
— Design By Numbers (1999)

While working in venture capital at Kleiner Perkins in Silicon Valley, I became a fan of startups and launched the #DesignInTech Report to share emerging insights about design, investing, tech, and business. Right now I look to advance thinking around design and inclusion in the tech industry. I began as an engineer, then moved to art / design, and then to research / leading / operating, and then into business / tech / investing.

My original website is still up.