7 January 2017

Book cover image for How To Speak Machine — NEW in 2019
Book cover image for Laws of Simplicity available as an audio book.

How To Speak Machine is now available worldwide. In addition, here’s a few of my earlier books on design, tech, and business:

— Redesigning Leadership (2011)
— Laws of Simplicity (2006)
— Creative Code (2004)
— MAEDA@MEDIA (2001)
— Design By Numbers (1999)

While working in venture capital at Kleiner Perkins in Silicon Valley, I became a fan of startups and launched the #DesignInTech Report to share emerging insights about design, investing, tech, and business. Right now I look to advance thinking around design and inclusion in the tech industry. I began as an engineer, then moved to art / design, and then to research / leading / operating, and then into business / tech / investing.

My original website is still up.


Cover image for the 2019 Design in Tech Report is two faces looking at each other as an optical illusion.

Book cover image for Redesigning Leadership available as an audio book.

Image of fractal, colorful flower-like elements.

Blue tangram that's at a 11-degree angle.

Creative for Issey Miyake that resembles an plant that is composed of a grid of roots.