New Year of 2006

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There was a time when I literally played with fire. I think this was just at the beginning of 2001 when I declared myself as "post digital*." Five years is a long time. Luckily there are iPod video players now to enjoy the dynamic properties of fire without any chance of personal harm (aside from turning the volume level too high! Ouch!).

Clicking on the above image will download an iPod video clip. It has nothing to do with the year 2006 aside from the fact that it is posted on January 1, 2006.

* I am often asked what my term "post digital" signifies. It is a term that I created as a way to acknowledge a distinction between those that are passed their fascination with computers, and are now driven by the ideas instead of the technology. It is not an expression of Luddite-ism nor is it a loaded term like that icky "post modernism" business. If we are to consider the book by Nicholas Negroponte Being Digital as an affirmation that the computer has arrived, then the "post digital" generation refers to the growing few that have already been digital, and are now more interested in Being Human. Buying a good computer is easy. Being a good person is something that cannot be merely bought ... even on the great god of eBay.


Copyright 2006, John Maeda.