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I wish everyone a happy holidays and an exciting new year of 2006! Start off the new year with these set of desktop patterns for the computer that you love (or that loves you).

    1600 x 1200   1920 x 1200  

infinity image/

This was the first image I made as a means to understand the computer less as a tool, and more as a new material for drawing.


sketches for 12 o'clocks/

All my work is planned on paper, sketched out as codes on paper, and then eventually makes it into the computer through my RSI-riddled hands.


sunflowers remix/

This is from a series of image I created for the launch of a new paper series from Gilbert called Realm. It was inspired by a dragonfly lens toy.


mit cube/

Upon my return to MIT, I designed a T-shirt for the quirky and wonderful MIT Press Book Store. They have an ecclectic mix of books -- not just for nerds.


paul rand 1996/

Another thing I did when I returned to MIT was to invite a key inspiration in my life. His name was Paul Rand, and he had the kind of mind that bristled with insight.


early space study/

In the early 90's, I created a series of investigations into the meanings of a boundary. There is a lot to learn from, and about, the edges of space.


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Copyright 2005, John Maeda.