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Chad+Ants Screensaver for OS X 10.3 [here]
To install, place inside your home directory's /Library/Screen Savers subdirectory. If the subdirectory doesn't exist, just make one.

For an exhibition on voting machines to open October 2004 in NY, I received the development packet—an old voting machine—in the mail, with no other instructions. What caught my eye were the little chads, raining down on the floor. Amidst the fall season, the ants are scurrying to prepare for winter. I made a simple connection: chads + ants = chance. Chance is now the basis of who can win an election in an era when our nation is split 50/50 (or at least the polls tell us so).

Commemorative seasonal (=fall) desktop pattern available here: [220kB]

>Mac OS X 10.3 (must be 10.3) app here: [100kB]
Exit with cmd-shift-0; the only means of interaction is a click. Nothing more. PS It is a quickly written one-off and is not time-independent. Thus if you have a super-fast G5 or what-not, you will be more likely to get chad + roaches = choaches. What that means, you can just go ahead and figure. Enjoy.