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One of my revelations while working at the MIT Media Lab, was the amazing work of the late Jerome Wiesner. I see the spirit of this incredible man as the heart and soul of the Media Lab; he is the reason why I seek a way that the arts and the sciences can someone find a peaceful accord.

Claudia Dreifus asked me in November of 2003 what I thought might lie in the future for the sciences. Being at MIT, I see how powerful the sciences really are; meanwhile art lags in every dimension in terms of funding and recognition. My entire response is visible [here], but out of that text it seemed there is universal resonance to my last sentence, given the kind feedback I received from all over the world to:

“The arts are the science of enjoying life.”

I think I want to work harder now thanks to the positive encouragement from around the world, most definitely ... but at the same time I hope not to forget to enjoy what the art of everyday life has to offer (smile).

Copyright 2003, John Maeda