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The President Emeritus of Shiseido has had a lifelong interest in orchids, and the company even initiated an online order system when the web first got going. In 1996, the CyberOrchid service was intended to support a digital version of the flower delivered as part of a personalized greeting. This service is no longer running, and unfortunately send is disabled. Today things like dynamic e-cards are quite commonplace, but back then they were something of an anomaly. Adoption was made difficult due to the use of Java, and I am surprised that this thing still works. It was my very first JAVA applet combined with backend CGI server codes. I had nightmares while writing this thing, but I learned a lot in the process.

From Mac OS X, Java works best in the Safari browser. As the Java is old, you may need to kick your browser a few times to get it to work.


Copyright 2005, John Maeda.