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While in art school, I began to experiment with the idea that forms on the computer were different from forms that exist on paper. This was before Flash and those sorts of things were invented, and thus when I created the nonsensical "Illustrandom" system I was thought of as a kind of "wacko." Perceptions are hard to change, but today we know that dynamic this-that is here to stay. Illustrandom was an attempt to define a coming generation of tools that ignored the static laws of print, and that could acknowledge the laws of dynamicism as exists on the web today.

The records I have from this period are spotty, but I have resurrected a poor NTSC-encoded videotape that I found in my basement. It is encoded as an iPod-video clip in recognition of our times. If you don't have iTunes and just have Quicktime, just download the file and drag it onto Quicktime. Otherwise, enjoy it on your new video iPod!

7 min, 32 secs (31.3 Mb)


Copyright 2005, John Maeda.