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In 1991 I wrote an animation program for kids called "animemo." The ideas of animemo originally came from my friend Bob Sabiston who I still admire to this day. I had tweaked some of Bob's concepts to add my own bits of innovation.

Operation of the program is straightforward. Draw something. Then click on the koma (Japanese for 'frame') button in the lower left corner. Draw more. Make a new koma. Repeat.

Press the bouncing ball button in the lower left corner, and then the movie begins. Adjust the speed with the tortoise-to-hare slider.

This was the first entire software system I had written after leaving MIT. I have great respect for people that can ship final products. Luckily this product did not succeed, and I found a different path in life.

Animemo only runs in Macintosh OS 9 so you may have problems getting it to run. Apple doesn't make it easy to install OS 9 anymore as they wish to make us all buy new software for our new Macs. Sigh. Nonetheless, Animemo for OS 9 is available here as a download [236kB]. It was never completed as a shipping product, thus there are its share of tiny bugs here and there.

Short and informal tutorial movies are available in basic, intermediate, and advanced varieties. Sorry for forcing you to choose ...


Copyright 2005, John Maeda.